The 10th International Conference on Applied Materials and Manufacturing Technology (ICAMMT 2024)

Conference Review


The 10th International Conference on Applied Materials and Manufacturing Technology (ICAMMT 2024) was successfully held on May 23, 2024 in Guangzhou, China!



2.JPGLi Liejun, President of Guangdong Doctor Association for Promoting Innovation and Development and Professor of South China University of Technology, extended a warm welcome to all the guests, unit representatives, experts and scholars at the opening ceremony of the conference, and said that advanced manufacturing technology and materials engineering are an important driving force to promote social development and industrial upgrading. He hoped that this conference would build an international and high-level academic exchange platform, promote experts, scholars and business people around the world to deepen cooperation and jointly explore new trends, new paths and new applications of advanced manufacturing technology and materials engineering.

Witnessed by the participating academicians, experts and leading guests, the 13th "Jinbo Award" global high-level talent science and technology innovation competition sponsored by Guangdong Doctor Innovation and Development Promotion Association was officially launched.

Li Jie, vice president of doctoral science and technology and member of the organizing Committee of the Jinbo Award, gave a detailed introduction to the overall situation of the competition, the brilliant achievements of the past and the highlights of this competition.

4.JPGAs a global high-level talent scientific and technological innovation competition, "Jinbo Award" not only devotes itself to excavating and displaying scientific and technological innovation achievements, but also realizes multi-win through diversified cooperation modes. It is expected that through the platform of this "Jinbo Award" contest, we will continue to tap and cultivate the world's top scientific and technological talents, promote international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, and promote scientific and technological progress and industrial development.


The conference focused on the fields of advanced manufacturing and materials engineering, and held one main forum and two sub-forums. A total of eight high-level experts from domestic and foreign industries were invited to share the theme, discuss the latest research results and experiences of advanced manufacturing technology and materials engineering, and share their unique views on the development trend and research and development direction of the industry.


Prof. Liejun Li, RAE Foreign Full Member (Academician)

Speech Title: Discussion on low-carbon development approach of China's iron and steel industry


Prof. Jiangxiong Wei,South China University of Technology, China

Speech Title: High performance organic-inorganichybrid cement-based materials


Prof. Henry Hu, University of Windsor, Canada

Speech Title: Applications of Light Alloys in Battery- Powered Electric Vehicles


Prof. Wei Xie, South China University of Technology, China

Speech Title: Machine vision and human-computer interaction


Researcher. Yu Chen,Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing,GDAS, China

Speech Title: Artificial intelligence and robotics relatedtechnologies and industry dynamics


Prof. Jixiang Gao,Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University,China

Speech Title: High pressure thick wall sea of straightseam submerged arc welding pipemanufacture key technology research


Prof. Saidur Rahman,Sunway University, Malaysia

Speech Title: Improving energy and water purificationperformances by using low-costadvanced materials (MXene)


Prof. Ali Reza Kamali,University of Cambridge, UK

Speech Title: Green production of siliconnanostructures for energy storage


The conference set up oral presentations and roadshows of international projects, and experts and scholars from different universities, research institutes and units at home and abroad conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on cutting-edge topics in the industry and scientific and technological innovations, which collided with many sparks of thought.


The conference awarded outstanding papers and outstanding young scholars' reports in recognition of their outstanding contributions in academic research. This not only inspired young scholars' enthusiasm for innovation, but also promoted the metabolism and continuous progress of academic circles.


The successful holding of ICAMMT 2024 has enhanced the international influence of China's advanced manufacturing technology and materials engineering, and promoted the deep combination of academic research and industrial application. The conference not only provided a high-level exchange platform for experts and scholars around the world, but also injected new impetus into the development of scientific and technological innovation in Guangzhou and Greater Bay Area.